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Metacam® - Oral Solutions

Ease of administration

Metacam Ad
  • Once-a-day pain relief.
  • Palatable honey-flavoured solution for dogs, easily administered on food.
  • For exact dosing of large dogs, add to food using the convenient syringe. 
  • For small dogs, add two drops per kg of body weight to food from the calibrated dropper bottles.


Accurate and flexible dosing

Metacam® - Oral Suspension is the only NSAID formulated to allow for accurate and flexible dosing to address the individual needs of your dog. Continuous daily long-term treatment decreases progression of degenerative joint disease and protects remaining joint function.

Accurate dosing

The calibrated syringe or calibrated dropper bottle allows accurate dosing to your dog’s lean body weight. Two drops from the bottle treats one kg of body weight for small dogs. For large dogs, use the syringe which is calibrated to deliver the correct dose for the dog's weight (kg).

Lean body weight: When dosing, it is important to calculate the required amount of METACAM based on your dog’s lean body weight. Your veterinarian can help you to determine your dog’s lean body weight.

Flexible dosing

The liquid dosing format of Metacam® Oral Suspension allows your veterinarian to prescribe a dosage tailored to your dog’s exact needs. Tapered dosing: Continuous improvement may be seen over the first  28 days of treatment. After this time, the dose of Metacam® may be tapered to meet the individual needs of your dog. The dose should be reduced by approximately 10% weekly until your dog’s lowest effective dose is determined.

Continuous flexible dosing: While your dog is on its daily lowest effective dose regime, there may be times when it is necessary to adjust the dose*:

  • during times of increased activity.
  • as your dog's arthritis and severity of clinical signs progress over time.

*Please work with your veterinarian during these times to determine the appropriate dose. Never exceed the maximum recommended label dose.



Metacam is proven fast and effective for the alleviation of pain and inflammation in both acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders such as arthritis and hip dysplasia.